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Justin Bieber is now promoting body care products

Justin Bieber, the internationally celebrated pop star, is now in partnership with Schimdt’s Naturals, which is a brand owned by Uniliver. This internationally famous Grammy Nominee pop star has created a natural unisex deodorant, in collaboration with Schimdt’s Naturals.

Justin Bieber, the international pop star, is now busy endorsing self care products. This new endeavor started with the celebrity’s new collaboration with the brand Schimdt’s Naturals. This is a brand that is owned by Unilever.

The Grammy nominated internationally acclaimed artist and pop star helped Schimdt’s Naturals to create the new Here+ Now natural deodorant. The celebrity pop star helped the brand in the process of co creating the unisex deodorant by selecting and finalizing its fragrance and helping them also in designing the packaging of the new deodorant.

Here + Now is the new sensation in the area of natural unisex deodorants. The motto behind the product is about “Living in this moment we have been given and making the most of it.” It is as per the statement made by Justin Bieber, about this product.

He further added that he always tried to share that message through his music. He said that his lifestyle and the partners he has chosen for collaboration also make a strong statement about this message.

The celebrity Grammy nominee pop star said that Schimdt’s is a great brand that is in the business of producing products that promote natural self care. He further said that he really believed in having natural self care himself and is interested in active promotion of such products.

The design of this natural unisex deodorant is unique. The front of the box bears the phrase “Be Kind, Stress Less, Hug More,” This phrase has been designed to inspire conversations around wellness and optimism.

The fragrance of the deodorant is a blend of spicy citrus and warm floral essential oils.

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