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‘Era7: Game of Truth’, Combining Gamefi and EsportFi, Will Conduct IGO on Binance on January 27, 2022

London, UK / January 17, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / ERA7: Game of Truth, the light Esports blockchain game, combines the best of blockchain games and Esports world to introduce a relatively new concept, EsportFi. At EsportFi’s core is the competitiveness of games powered by blockchain and DeFi to produce competitive arithmetic. The model gives users competitive game modes while ensuring security, fairness, and circulation thanks to blockchain’s decentralization feature.

‘Era7: Game of Truth’ is an advanced TCG game and applies an economic model similar to Hearthstone, and it also aims to give users a fighting model more innovative than Gods Unchained.Era7 security of the BSC to leave a mark in the fast-paced, rapidly growing cryptocurrency gaming sphere. This feature is to make the blockchain game appealing to all player types.

Era7’s journey into the blockchain gaming space is backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, who have rallied behind its vision and mission. To date, Era7 has completed its seed round and an initial private round of financing, led by Hashkey and MOBOX, and a dozen other renowned VCs and institutions including Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Good Games Guild (GGG), AU21 Capital, AlphaCoin Fund Waterdrip Capital and more.

Founded by core team members from internationally renowned game developers with over 15 years of valuable experience such as Com2uS, NCsoft, Nexon, and NetmarbleThe development team escorts the safety of players’ assets.

Top Quality Trading Cards to Fight, Trade or Sell 

Traditional TCG users will resonate with the exquisitely designed and excellent quality of all the Era7 cards. Card combination strategies are distinctive, and the game has established a market-oriented approach since the beginning of its game development. Presently, strategy gaming and play2earn, all while having fun, are its highlights. 

The game contains 1,000 different cards, each having different values ​​and attributes, bringing players a variety of card combination strategies. A lightly competitive 3-minute game can provide gamers with endless imagination and fun, thanks to the unlimited changes in strategy. 

  • Mestery Box IGO Launch On Binance
  • Binance IGO in this round: 13,000
  • Mystery Box Name: Era7 Fantasy Box
  • Sale Time: January 27, 2022,12:00PM(UTC)

The Era7 Fantasy Box contains one Master Card from seven races in the game obtained by random probability. The Master Card is a very precious NFT in game which can summon Battle Cards every day.The Battle Card is a necessary condition for participating in the game. Players win rewards by using different strategy combinations of Battle Cards to play to earn, and Era7 will continue to bring benefits to the holders. After the game goes online, the Master Card issued in the Fantasy Box can obtain 10 additional times of summoning Battle Cards.

Users can check the purchase rules and conditions on the official website of Binance in advance.

‘Era7: Game of Truth’, the pioneer of EsportFi blockchain gaming, has successfully merged both worlds of Esports and games. The merge is one of the innovations in the blockchain gaming industry, and it provides a brand new gaming experience. In addition, Era7’s team is constructing a scalable model poised to feature live streaming, an esports community, animated series, and GameFi IP, among other things. A UE (Unreal Engine) will be used in the future to usher in Era7’s metaverse.

In this round of Binance IGO, Era7 and Binance jointly promoted and publicized, bringing users NFT Mystery Boxes with superior quality and rich value. At the same time, it also introduced high-quality TCG & EsportFi products to the blockchain industry, generating great user attraction and jointly promoting ecosystem incentive.

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