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Author Dissatisfied with the American Dream Publishes Book to Spread Awareness That Living Like the Future Does Matter

American Author Pens Book to Heighten Awareness that each of us makes a difference.

New Orleans, LA – November 26, 2019 – Author Donna Maltz, announces her evolutionary book, “Living Like the Future Matters: The Evolution of a Soil to Soul Entrepreneur.” The eBook published by Soil to Soul Productions launches on December 1, 2019, on Amazon, and the paperback will be available in January 2020.

Maltz is an author who has a message for those dissatisfied with the American Dream. “From a young age, I was sensitive to what I saw happening to our beloved Earth,” Maltz told American author and blogger influencer Dr. Melissa Caudle. “Because of this, I chose to live my life in harmony with the systems and cycles of Nature. Changing my lifestyle, I gained greater insight into the origin of our problems. Prompted by this wisdom, I set out on a lifelong quest to implement Soulutions. There are many ways to solve problems. When approached soulfully, to better the world for the long term, through understanding and love, it is a Soulution. We do not find Soulutions in maintaining our lifestyle, but in how we change our lifestyle.”

There was a time in Donna’s life when she fell into dismal despair and got trapped in chasing the addictive American Dream. In this compelling “memoir of sorts,’ Donna shares how she became a workaholic and foodaholic. Her engaging stories take you on a relatable evolutionary journey. It is filled with mostly highs and a defining disturbing low when she shares her defeat and then how she courageously pulls her life back together. Donna shared with Caudle, “When I shifted my attitude back to gratitude and reawakened my passions for healing myself and the Earth, I became the happiest person I know.

Now at sixty-two, her motto is, ‘Why Retire, When I Can Inspire.’ She lives a life filled with abundance and love. Maltz says she was encouraged to write this book by her clients and peers who appreciated her story and how her life inspired them. She went on to say, “My mission is to heighten people’s awareness that they can make a difference when they live like the future matters.”

Her self-help, business, “memoir of sorts” welcomes you to explore the principles that lay out the foundation for her successful Life and Business Coaching practice. Filled with advice from her life’s journey, her advice on relationships, money, nature, and humanity unfolds in truthful storytelling. “This book is packed with timely information and sage advice,” Caudle said. “Her words are heartfelt and have an impact. This is one book you do not want to miss and it.”

The Reviews Have Been Fantastic

Dr. Alvita Soleil OMD., LAc., NCCAOM says,  “Donna, or Mama Donna is the real deal. She deeply cares for the Earth and for life-kind. Living Like the Future Matters is charged with a passion for life. Donnas’ determination and wisdom inspire’ you to take the steps toward a full co-creative participation in building a healthier body and a better world. She shares an honest and factual journey of her evolution, weaving her struggle with dyslexia, her compulsive work, and a food addiction as well as her great business ventures. With concrete research, a good blend of spirituality, and creative “Soulutions,” she motivates us to grasp the inseparability between soul, spirit, matter, and nature.

James Mattie,  business owner, marketing, and social media expert at MindfulXpansion “This book changed my life.”

Teliece Price, budding entrepreneur, says, “I’m no longer afraid to make money now that I have a meaningful purpose in my life. Thank YOU, Mama Donna!”

“Living Like the Future Matters: The Evolution of a Soil to Soul Entrepreneur,” is available for preorder and the eBook launches on December 1, 2019, on Amazon, and the paperback in January 2020.

Donna is available for interviews, podcasts, and speaking engagements. Contact her at
About the Author:

Donna lives with her husband, and darling animal friends, on their beautiful farmstead on the Big Island of Hawaii. In this lush tropical paradise, they offer regenerative retreats focus on the culinary healing arts and Nature therapy. Donna is a healer, coach,  Nature photographer, and loves to write. Donnas first book that she wrote and published was “Yummy Recipes, Wilderness Wonders,” an activity and cookbook for kids and adults. The eco-educational book is still in publication.


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