Sign in Sky September 23 Misunderstands Revelation 12 as End of World or Rapture says Prophecy Expert

  • “When they say ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes.” (The apostle Paul.) The UN International Day of Peace theme for September 21 is “Peace and…safety.”
  • A complex convergence of constellations and planets is seen as a the “Great Sign” of Revelation 12, but it’s misunderstood by some as the end of days.

    The Great Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23

    Media Mock Meade’s Misunderstanding of a Sign in Sky September 23 as ‘End of Days and Rapture,’ says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author of God Bless America? He explains the ‘Great Sign of Revelation 12’ is not apocalyptic  for September 23, but its nine months ‘pregnancy’ points to next spring…

    According to astronomers, a complex convergence of aligning planets and constellations will unfold over 9 months, and it fits the Bible’s description: September 23, 2017, the sun will be in Virgo, the virgin, and the moon will be at her feet. She will have a crown of nine stars and three planets in alignment making 12 and Jupiter, symbol of deity, will be in the womb area, to exit at her feet. YouTube

    Christians might think the child that is birthed and caught up to heaven would be Christ, but if God guides the stars, and if He meant this “great sign” to be about the birth of Christ, He is 2000 years late!

    Ruhling says God is on time; He’s the Author of both nature and the Bible–the Bible reveals what we don’t see in nature, as he explains the following…

    God called Israel His “first-born” in Exodus 4:22. In other words, the Exodus was an example of a similar event that’s impending and the Exodus came at Passover, the biblical time of judgment, also for Christ and Jerusalem when Titus came in 70 AD.

    ‘History Repeats’ with the US Like Egypt  America has many parallels to Egypt as the greatest nation then and now. They killed babies; the US has aborted 60 million. Egypt enslaved Israel, but the US has enslaved most of its people with alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and drugs. Prescription drugs are a leading cause of illness and death, but we call it ‘healthcare.’ People are in bondage to food, gambling, greed, crime, sex, perversion, TV, violence, ‘music’, etc.

    God exercised judgment on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant, saying, “I am married to you,” Jer 3:14. That’s what Christ’s wedding parables are about.

    The apostle Paul included the Exodus in “All those things happened to them for examples…ends of the world.” 1Cor 10:1,11. Ruhling summarizes…

    Most people don’t see the “ends of the world” coming, but for people who read the Bible, there are numerous signs of concern. For example, the United Nations has September 21 as the International Day of Peace and its theme for this year is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.” The Bible says, “When they shall say ‘Peace and safey,’ sudden destruction comes on them…” 1Thess 5:3.

    Ruhling says, If we see Jerusalem surrounded and taken next spring, it confirms “the day of the Lord” in Zechariah 14:1,2, and means judgment is impending on the US. In the meantime, we should be like Abe Lincoln who said, “I will study and get ready, and someday my chance will come.” Lincoln loved the Bible and said it was God’s greatest gift to mankind, “but for it, we would not know right from wrong…”

    Richard Ruhling offers more information at  and his ebook, God Bless America? is free Saturday, Sept 23 at

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    Immigration: How the Statue of Liberty Changed America And How the US Has Become Like Biblical Egypt

  • “Give me your tired, your poor…yearning to breathe free.” Statue of Liberty plaque
  • Immigration made America what it was, but immigration has changed, and America’s changes are a concern.

    Statue of Liberty  The Statue of Liberty has welcomed “the huddled masses” from every continent since 1865, but immigration has transformed the US.

    Early Americans took huge risks of death at sea and from Indians or starvation in the New World because they also faced death when the Holy Roman Empire ruled Europe.

    History books have been laundered to hide an estimated 50 to 80 million Protestants who died when the papacy had the power to persecute dissenters in the Old World as Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and some websites claim. This illustrates the first parallel between the U.S. and Egypt.

    Israel (Jacob, 11 sons and their families) went to Egypt in a time of famine, much like pioneers came to America in a time of spiritual famine when the ‘Bread of God’s Word’ was forbidden and people hid it in their homes at the peril of their lives.

    Israel did well in Egypt and pioneers flourished in this land of freedom. But another king came who didn’t know Joseph and Israel became enslaved. Washington is full of politicians and lawyers that ignore the U.S. Constitution and its principles of freedom.

    As Egypt enslaved Israel, greed has meant the enslaving of millions with alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and drugs. Prescription drugs are a leading cause of illness and death, but we call it ‘healthcare’ with the drug companies behind the Affordable Care Act so everyone can have relief of symptoms as we die from our diseases of choice.  

    In this land of liberty, people enslave themselves by their choices that go against the moral laws of the Bible. This includes ‘addictions’ to fiction (non-truth that becomes reality) in books, movies or TV. Just as our bodies are built from food, our minds are built from what we feed them.

    Exciting food brings disease; exciting fiction brings unhappiness with reality. People risk earnings to get rich quick. Greed motivates the rich and huge corporations sell lies to the masses to promote products and a losing lifestyle with ‘music,’ sex and many forms of bondage in the name of freedom.

    We are more deserving of judgment than Egypt was—they killed babies, but we have aborted 60 million. Do we think God is dead? Maybe He’s looking the other way? Or could Harvey and Irma be harbingers of more to come?

    In Bible times, God called Babylon His hammer as they overflowed the holy land and took Israel captive. We are being overflowed by millions who have no love for the U.S. Constitution, nor for that other great document of self-government, the Ten Commandments.

    President John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” With perhaps a majority of people having no interest in living by the Bible, we wonder if God can bless America and what the future holds.

    Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author on current events and Bible prophecy. His latest book, God Bless America? is subtitled His Rescue Plan & How We Can Be ‘Ruler Over All That He Has,’ is offered at no charge this Saturday at

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    The latest kitchen innovation – Wable Raclette hood

  • Past week the Dutch entrepreneur/inventor Robin Willemse launched his product which is very useful for a lot of households in Europe. He started a kickstarter campaign for “Wable”. This raclette grill exhaust hood, which you can put over your raclette grill, ensures all the poisonous particulate matters, odours and whirling around grease is being sucked into the hood and filtered.
  • Summary:“Well if it can kill birds, it must not be too healthy for people and particular children and people who are asthmatic”

    Past week the Dutch entrepreneur/inventor Robin Willemse launched his product which
    is very useful for a lot of households in Europe. He started a kickstarter campaign for ‘’Wable’’. This raclette grill exhaust hood, which you can put over your raclette grill, ensures all the poisonous particulate matters, odours and whirling around grease is being sucked into the hood and filtered.

    Robin  Willemse, former entrepreneur of BBQ Burger in Almere, the Netherlands, has had  negative experiences with exhaust systems. In his restaurant the hamburgers were
    grilled on real barbecues. The enormous amount of smoke that came along with this process was hard to filter and sometimes made his restaurant looking like it was on fire. This did not get of his head. During the holidays, when using the raclette grill with the whole family, it was the topic of conversation: ‘’Nice using the raclette grill, but the nasty odours make your house smell for days’’.

    ‘’Actually it is very strange that nowadays in the Netherlands more than half of the people use their raclette grill during the holidays but there is still no real exhaust hood for the odours’’. That is wat Robin Willemse thought off when he began designing the raclette grill exhaust hood. Several months he worked with his father, father in law and brothers to get the design right and that worked out. Since the 6th of March you can order the product.

    Robin Willemse is trying to get the funding via a Kickstarter campaign. You can order a ‘’Wable’’ via or via When Robin has reached 1000 orders, the producing can start. He is convinced that it will be a great success: ‘’Who doesn’t love to use the raclette grill with his loved ones, without the nasty odours spreading through the entire house’’. You are thinking, the table even fuller than it is, but nothing is further from the truth. Because his flat design the Wable creates extra space on the table.

    The Wable has even more advantages than what Robin Willemse thought off when designing it with his family. ‘’We tested all thinkable tests on the Wable’’. This is when
    they found out that it sucks and filters all particulate matters, so the air is always clean. This used to be a big problem for people with birds. ‘’Well if it can kill birds, it must not be too healthy for people and particular children and people who are asthmatic’’ is what Robin thought when he began experimenting with his filter. The Wable comes with disposable filters.

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    Kenya 2017 anti-corruption referendum.

  • We are faced with the urgency of today.
  • Summary: Lets act and save our country from sinking in the sea of corruption.

    Kenya is a great country, adorned with many uncountable gifts, talents and blessings from God and bestowed to its wonderful people who speak diverse languages and who are all united in love as one community of Kenyan.

    But to many, time has stood still, having lost hope for a better future and having no meaning for life ahead due to various social injustices plaguing our country. Parliament manifests the diversity of the nation, represents the will of the people and exercises their sovereignty. It has the obligation and mandate to protect its people and to uphold the constitution. It has at all times, by words promised to do so but has failed to keep its promises. Our national &local assemblies, and all arms of our government have for sure let the people they represent down. They have become broken institutions punishing the poor while rewarding the rich law breakers. They have become assemblies of corruption and vices. Many bills are aimed at serving and protecting our leaders and illegally sucking as much as possible from the poor tax payers. They have neglected their duties. They are feeding and fattening some few chosen while those who get milked are neglected to the point of not able to feed their young ones. They are blackmailing institutions and efforts to fight corruption and other vices, and worse, they are corruption themselves; they breath, eat, drink, sleep, shower and drive corruption. That is their day to day dreams and endeavors. No integrity, honesty, accountability. They make laws and set their penalties but when they are caught by those laws, they remind us they are above them since, and I quote, “SISI NDIO TUNATENGENEZA SHERIA NA TUNA UHURU WA KUZIVUNJA.’’For the laws they make to have meaning, they should hold themselves to the highest standard of conduct and be good role models.

    Though we are crying and begging for a change from our leaders, there is no strong and genuine, political, legal, moral, spiritual and brotherly will to fight the vices. It is grabbing and pushing for self. None is caring for the other and worse, those who are trusted with our lives. All what they do when we cry is carry out endless and costly investigations that leads to nowhere and end up wasting more money than being investigated. All turns into cold cases and the cycle of theft starts again.

     One of the greatest casualties of war is the great and innocent society, shot down on the battlefield of corruption, tribalism, graft, nepotism, patronage, bribery, unemployment. Yes, we have been fighting in this battlefield for long enough, we have cried, mourned, begged, demanded, demonstrated, written articles seen tough-no nonsense talks which works and lasts as long as the live speech. As casualties, we say enough is enough and we are ready to take the bulls by their horns however sharp they are. We are longing, yearning and yawning for this change and it has to come from us. Nobody is going to sweep and clean our house. Nobody is going to replace that leaking roof, nobody is going to repair that broken door. It’s our responsibility to come together, repair our house starting with the foundation and make it stand firm, strong and great again.

    Distinguished, powerful and well respected world leaders will come, lecture and dictate for change but they can do so much to help. We are the only ones who hold the keys and can unlock the change we want. We are the ones who can only arm our morals, our minds, hearts and fight this war. Morals cannot be imported.

    Lets then empower ourselves with the weapon of love, peace and unity and set laws that will take care of all social injustices plaguing our nation/government. Laws that will bar all those involved in corruption from seeking public offices, laws that will take care of their salaries (have the second highest paid lawmakers in the world and the number one unproductive in the world), laws that will hold and deal with corruption as corruption and not as normal life behavior, laws that will hold all accountable of their actions regardless of their political or social affiliation. Laws that will protect and value all people regardless of their political, religion and or region affiliation, laws that will take care of public money and properties and laws that will protect and put the interests and welfare of our nation ahead of interests of any individual.

    It’s our house and our office. We are the employer and we should take the employers’ mantle seriously and put our house and office in order. Time is now to take decisive action before we employ them and shape our future.

    For more information, please visit www.ndio42tunaweza.organd and let’s positively shape our dear nation with the right values and morals.


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    President Elect Trump should Invite Russia’s Vladimir Putin to his Inauguration

  • President Elect Donald Trump has surprised the Pundits of Political Science by ignoring the CIA and post Cold War with Russia, to make America Great Again-Vikram Bajwa
  • Summary:Vancouver BC. Canada. IWC. President Elect Donald Trump has set aside all bets on nominating his Secretary of State, selection EXXON Chief Rex Tillerson, setting great standards of cooperation between the two Super Powers USA and Russia.

    Vancouver BC. Canada. IWC. President Elect Donald Trump has set aside all bets on nominating his Secretary of State, selection EXXON Chief Rex Tillerson, setting great standards of cooperation between the two Super Powers USA and Russia.

    Many Americans oppose the thought of Peace with Russia, after the Cold War and especially the CIA, reporting on Russia Hacking of the Democratic National Committee, including Presidential Elections. Trump Transition team did a Coup, when President Elect Donald Trump announced the name of Rex Tillerson. His name not only shook the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, but the Corporate World of Oil.

    ” Time has come that President Elect should formally invite Russia President Vladimir Putin to his Inaugural ceremony, including the Inaugural Ball, slated in Washington DC., on Janauary 20, 2017″ said Vikram Bajwa. Both Russia and USA can be a source of development in the World and end the Syrian war, establish Palestine and Israel peace accord, feels Republican Dr. Amar Grewal.

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    TRUMP Cancelling NAFTA to cost Canada 50 Billion- BC Peoples Party

  • Trump in his campaign has repeatedly endorsed Cancelling NAFTA.
  • Summary:Vancouver BC. Sharan Dhillon. In his #60minute Interview, President Elect, confirmed to deport and jail 2-3
    million Illegal Immigrants, especially from Mexico, India, Pakistan and other South American countries. He also wants to Cancel NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement between United States, Canada and Mexico, in his first 100 days of office, which will cost Canada $ 50 Billion Dollars and collapse the Canadian economy, including Real Estate, LNG and Manufacturing.

    Vancouver BC. Sharan Dhillon.  President Elect Donald Trump plans to cancel NAFTA will cost Canada $ 50 Billion Dollars and will be instrument in collapsing the Canadian Economy, said Vikram Bajwa, President of British Columbia Peoples Party, who had predicted the Win for Donald Trump, in June 2016.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invited Donald Trump to Ottawa, to discuss NATO and NAFTA, which the President Elect wishes to Renegotiate or cancel in his first 100 days in Office. Both Deportation of 2-3 Million Illegal Immigrants and Scrapping of NAFTA, will hurt all three countries, including United States, with unpredictable imbalance in economy and Free Trade. Canada will have to partner with China, if NAFTA is cancelled in 2017, strongly feels the majority of Member Parliament from British Columbia.

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    Affordable Expanded Chrome Tools for Special Ed Students

  • “We have a very tight budget and with Premier Tools we can still accommodate our students.” Said K Sullivan “but the real selling point was that the students could use the tools on their home computer with no extra charge.”
  • Summary:Premier Chrome Toolbar is a robust toolbox of affordable assistive technologies that helps students with reading and writing. Students will have access to the tools they need in the class room and at home. Premier makes Google for Education accessible to those students with literacy challenges.

    With the expanding presence of Google Chrome in today’s classrooms, Premier Literacy’s Toolbar for Google Chrome 2.0 is not only an ideal low-cost solution for students that require learning accommodations, but also provides powerful learning tools that are well-suited for ALL students in the Chrome environment. With the recent addition of the Talking Pointer and Talking Word Processor, Premier’s Toolbar for Google Chrome now includes 7 powerful literacy applications that can be used for a multitude of daily tasks and assignments in the digital classroom. The new Premier Chrome literacy suite also includes Dictation, Word Prediction, Writing Analytics and Dictionary features in multiple tools.

    Premier Literacy once again demonstrates its vast experience from over 15 years of designing and developing assistive technology. The Premier Toolbar for Chrome is the latest in a proven history of task-orientated learning tools being used at all levels in schools across the U.S. and Canada, including K-12 and post-secondary institutions. The Premier Toolbar Extension is a convenient way to access all of the Premier Literacy Tools for Google Chrome.  

    With an easy-to-use license from Premier, you’ll be able to use any of these tools across multiple platforms such as Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs from anywhere using the Chrome browser. Using only a single login, you can quickly gain access to any of these applications: One Click Reader, One Click Dictionary, One Click Summary, One Click Dictation, Worksheet Wizard, Talking Word Processor and Talking Pointer. The following quick recap briefly highlights the benefits of these tools.

    One Click Reader: To have any text read aloud with highlighted tracking, simply select text from any webpage or document and click the Reader icon. You can even change the voice, the speaking rate, and other personalized reading features.

     One Click Dictionary: Definitions at your fingertips! Select any word from text you are viewing and click the Dictionary icon to get the definition or have it read aloud to you. You can even speak to the Dictionary and have it look up any word!! In fact, speaking to your Dictionary can go far beyond traditional word prediction. The One Click Dictionary also combines the power of a Thesaurus and Interlink vocabulary for superior writing assistance. 

    One Click Dictation: Why type when you can just talk? One Click Dictation is one of our newest and most exciting features that actually lets you talk instead of type! In fact, there’s no need to “train” it for your voice. This is just as powerful as those “expensive” Speech-To-Text applications, but without the expensive price. With outstanding accuracy, One Click Dictation even handles different spellings for U.S. and Canadian English. You can proofread your dictated text aloud and copy it into any other application such as email, word processing or an online forum such as social media!

     Worksheet Wizard: As the name implies, Worksheet Wizard is a great tool for working with any type of worksheet including tests, quizzes, homework and even special forms. Simply access PDF files from any source (including scanners or phone apps) and load them into Worksheet Wizard. Flexible capabilities allow you to have text read aloud to you; edit text; copy and paste graphics; add annotations; and the save your changes directly to the PDF file. It includes robust word prediction and even has the ability to use dictation for text input to any part of a document.

     One Click Summary: If you need to focus on the most important information in an article, Premier’s unique Summary technology is the tool for you. Select any amount of text from a passage and within seconds you can have the summarized version of the text read aloud to you. One Click Summary makes quick work of studying and research involving large amounts of information.

    Talking Pointer: The popular Premier Talking Pointer is great for reading web content. It converts your mouse pointer into a reading tool – simply point and listen.

     Talking Word Processor: The Talking Word Processor is a comprehensive word processor that can handle a wide variety of document types, including PDF files. It includes word prediction, spell check, content summarization, built-in dictation, and an integrated dictionary / thesaurus.

    FREE TRIAL. So you can judge for yourself, we offer a free 30-day the Premier Toolbar for Chrome.

    Go to the Premier Literacy website at and following the instructions to visit the Google Chrome Store to download the Toolbar and setup your own account. 

    written by Apollo Press Release  –


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    Long-term Care Facilities Excited by CAREQ-ENS, a New Emergency Communication Service.

  • CAREQ-ENS, a new communication service that provides the ability to communicate with all staff within minutes. The need for fast, efficient and accurate communication during an emergency is crucial.
  • Summary:Long-term Care Facilities Excited by CAREQ-ENS, a New Emergency Communication Service.

    Long-term care facilities across Atlantic Canada are excited by CAREQ-ENS, a new communication service that provides the ability to communicate with all staff within minutes.  The need for fast, efficient and accurate communication during an emergency is crucial.  Coordination and mobilization of staff in long- term care facilities must be quick and efficient in emergency situations.  CAREQ provides fast two-way communication that allows administrators of long-term care facilities to communicate with all staff in a matter of minutes. 
    CAREQ-ENS is a communication service comprised of voice, text and email technologies.  It provides control of communication, ensuring efficient and effective communication in multiple ways.   It can be used to contact all facility staff at one time or specific staff organized into groups; it can be used to contact family and next-of-kin; and it can be used to connect with community partners.  CAREQ also allows recipients to provide verification of response; and, both communication and responses are trackable.  CAREQ saves time, energy and resources by expediting communication while increasing the effectiveness of that communication. 
    The idea that eventually evolved into CAREQ came when a fire marshal (and user of the FIREQ communication service) and long-term care facility administrator started to discuss how emergency communications and planning could be improved.  Like firefighters, care facility staff and partners need to mobilize quickly and efficiently, with as much information as possible.  CAREQ is the solution that emerged from those first discussions that started with “what if we could…?”.  CAREQ provides administrators with multiple layers of communication and verification of action from responders.  It ensures time is spent where it matters most. 
    Administrators from care facilities first learned about CAREQ at a meeting of professionals dedicated to the special emergency planning required for long-term care facilities.  As more facilities adopt the new communication system, its value as a communication tool grows.  Cheryl Deveaux, Administrator of the Cove Guest Home, says “CAREQ offers peace of mind that the Cove Guest Home is prepared to respond to an emergency situation in an expedient and efficient manner, where time can hold the balance between life and death.
    Breton SmarTek is a Nova Scotia-based technology company that is driven by uncompromised ingenuity, local strength, and global expertise.  Drawing upon more than 80 years of collective technology experience, the Breton SmarTek team is fusing industry standard and commercially available technologies to serve the unique communication needs of multiple industries.


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